new life for used goods

ReStore makes it easier for students to give and get reused goods, keeping useful stuff out of the bin.
10.000 students from all over Norway and abroad move to Trondheim every year. To get set up in their new home, every student needs a few things like a desk lamp, bin, hangers, etc. These items are reusable and could pass on from one student generation to another. Unfortunately, containers full of household items in excellent condition are being thrown away each term. Most students, due to the seasonal gap between supply and demand, do not have a choice but to let their things go to waste.
ReStore is a student organization founded to solve this problem. We work together with Sit to reduce waste by making reuse easier for students. ReStore has set up a space in Moholt where outgoing students can donate useful items they no longer need. We store these items over the summer and offer them free of charge to all students at the beginning of the new semester.
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